Preparing Your Nursery for Summer to Enhance Baby's Sleep Quality

Jan 22 , 2024

Nica Nica

Preparing Your Nursery for Summer to Enhance Baby's Sleep Quality

Ah, summer! The extended, leisurely days, the gradual sunsets, the warm, sticky cuddles.

Well, some aspects of summer are certainly more enjoyable than others. If you're a parent of a newborn, infant, or toddler, one significant downside of summertime can be disrupted sleep.

As adults, we're familiar with how an uncomfortably warm room can seriously impact our ability to get quality sleep. For little ones experiencing their first or second summer, the unexpected discomfort and unfamiliarity of a too-warm space might be enough to disrupt the sleep schedule you've diligently worked to establish.

Fortunately, a little preparation can make a world of difference. Here are our three essential steps to get your nursery ready for healthy, happy summer sleep!

Step One: Temperature Control!

For little ones, the optimal sleep temperature ranges from the high 60s to low 70s Fahrenheit. If you have AC, this step is straightforward—set your thermostat and proceed. However, if you reside in a place without central air, you might need to be a bit creative to maintain the room at the right temperature. Utilize blackout curtains during the hottest parts of the day to prevent the nursery from becoming too warm, and strategically place fans to circulate air without directly blowing on your sleeping little one. Try this routine: Each morning, close windows and blackout curtains to keep the room cool. Every evening, as the temperature drops, open curtains and windows, and turn fans on high to circulate air through the room. Bonus: The white noise from fans might aid in baby's sleep!

Step Two: Bedding Preparation!

For both babies and adults, natural fibers offer the coolest option for sleep. Prepare for summer with a linen, modal, cotton, or Tencel fitted sheet for the baby's crib, and opt for lightweight cotton sleep sacks or onesies for sleeping. A thin layer of cool, breathable fabric helps prevent excessive sweating—just ensure to avoid synthetic fabrics whenever possible on the warmest nights. If it's particularly warm, gently wipe down the baby's skin with a damp washcloth (not cold). The moisture will feel cool as it evaporates.

Step Three: Embrace the Snuggles!

For brand-new newborns, skin-to-skin time can aid in temperature regulation. Make sure you're not feeling too overheated yourself, then enjoy some skin-to-skin time with your new little one as part of your pre-bedtime routine. And don't forget to stay hydrated! Keeping yourself well-hydrated helps keep your breastfeeding baby hydrated. Whether your baby is breastfed, formula-fed, or a juice box-toting toddler, remember that babies can drink up to 50% more in hot weather. Ensure you offer liquids regularly to meet their needs!

Summer is filled with some of our favorite MOMENT. Travel, adventures, leisurely walks, picnics, potlucks, celebrations—there's so much for our littlest loved ones to explore and learn. By ensuring your nursery is summer-proof and ready to go, you can help them get the sleep they need to savor every magical new discovery.