Prepare for your Baby's summer!

Jan 22 , 2024

Nica Nica

Prepare for your Baby's summer!

The sun is beaming, the temperature is rising, and it's time to commemorate one of our cherished milestones - baby's inaugural trip to the beach! Tackling what to pack for this momentous occasion may seem overwhelming, but armed with a few straightforward strategies for a carefree day at the beach with your family, you'll soon be enjoying the sunshine effortlessly!

Here are our top tips for a delightful family day at the beach:

  1. Timing is Key: For baby's maiden beach voyage, steer clear of the peak heat hours. Newborns and infants are still mastering temperature regulation, so it's crucial to keep them cool. Plan your inaugural trip for either early morning (before 11 am) or late afternoon (after 4 pm) to capitalize on cooler temperatures and a more serene atmosphere.

  2. Keep it Brief and Enjoyable: While extended beach outings can be enjoyable, they may disrupt nap schedules, meal routines, and leave everyone feeling a bit frazzled. For the first beach excursion with the baby, keep it short - 1-2 hours is ample time to acquaint the little one with the ocean, capture some photos, play in the sand, have a snack, and head home before any meltdowns begin.

  3. Have an Exit Strategy: Recognize that not everyone may be enamored with the beach. Even though your baby is tiny, they have their own preferences. In case the beach turns out to be less enjoyable than anticipated, have a plan for a swift exit. Choose a beach close to your residence or a hotel room so that you can retreat if needed.

  4. Pack Shade: Since sunscreen isn't recommended for babies under six months, it's essential to bring options to shield your baby from the sun. A compact pop-up tent, beach umbrellas, canopies, and wide-brimmed hats are lightweight and practical choices. Create a shaded play area for the baby by placing a beach blanket and some sensory sand toys.

  5. Prioritize Naps: Adequate rest is crucial, especially when your baby is encountering something new. Resist the temptation to alter your baby's sleep schedule drastically for the sake of beach timing. Skipping naps may result in a tired, overstimulated, and likely cranky little one, along with parents who feel the same.

  6. Freeze Squeeze Pouches for Teething: For teething babies old enough for squeeze pouches of baby food, freezing a couple beforehand provides a delectable cool-down treat on the go. The warm beach sun will swiftly thaw them, offering your little one a cold and refreshing way to soothe their gums and satisfy their tummies.

  7. Use Baby Powder for Sand Removal: Employ a simple yet effective trick! To effortlessly remove wet sand from sensitive baby skin, sprinkle baby powder over sandy areas. The baby powder absorbs moisture in the sand, making it painless to brush off tiny toes and fingers.