Jan 22 , 2024

Nica Nica


Oh, the joys of teething! Making its grand entrance around the age of six months, it's one of the initial unavoidable challenges that confront new parents. The constant chewing, drooling, and disrupted sleep can throw routines and plans into disarray, leaving everything marked with teeth impressions and damp. Suddenly, your surroundings are adorned with tiny teeth marks, and you find yourself tirelessly ensuring your little one's comfort and safety.

And that beautiful baby crib you adore so much? It's now the target of a tiny (yet adorable!) chewing machine.

Before you fret over the potential mess, the fate of your furniture, and the safety of your little chew enthusiast, here are a few key things to keep in mind when your child transforms your crib into a chew toy.

Try a silicone bumper.

While your baby is likely safe, it might be prudent to safeguard your crib temporarily during this teething phase. Non-toxic, chew-resistant silicone bumpers offer a practical short-term solution. Opt for oversized bumpers that are wide enough to prevent a comfortable bite on the crib rails. Ensure they are fully removable without leaving sticky residue and customizable to trim them to the exact length needed. Attach them securely only to the very top of crib rails, ensuring they don't obstruct airflow, and confirm they are explicitly designed to be safe for teething babies!

Provide plenty of teething options!

To discourage teething on the furniture, make sure a variety of better teething options are readily available! Babies have different preferences for teething toys - some like soft toys, some prefer wood, some enjoy the cooling sensation of frozen options, and others favor the squishiness of silicone. Offer your baby a range of choices, observe their preferences, and ensure one of their favorites is always within reach whenever the need to chew arises.

Remember: teething is a universal experience. Your baby won't be the first or the last to seek relief by nibbling on the crib edges—it's practically a developmental milestone. Your baby crib was meticulously designed with those tiny teeth marks in consideration. We hope that by incorporating baby-safe finishes and robust construction, we provide new parents with what they need most—peaceful, confident reassurance